Why press and influencers are important 

While PR has moved beyond simple press engagement, this is still an important part of most public relations campaigns simply because getting your brand featured (or even mentioned) in a popular publication or broadcast can expand your reach exponentially. 

But it’s not only the press that have this ability to amplify your exposure - individuals on social media, in blogs, forums and online groups can easily attract more followers than many official press organisations.  An endorsement from these influencers can be invaluable as they are perceived to be unbiased and independent (despite many of them relying on sponsorship and advertising income to support their online activities.)  

Little Cricket PR takes a very focussed approach to press and influencer engagement.  We believe that good coverage comes from providing quality content to targeted outlets rather than simply pushing product messages out to as wide an audience as possible.  

Typical media and influencer activities 

Media landscape research

Once we’re familiar with your brand, market and message we explore the press and on-line community that appeals to your target market.  We then build a unique list of relevant press and influencers to engage with for your campaign. 

Media outreach & submitting content

Understanding both your brand and the relevant media landscape means that we can pitch and create content that supports your message and is appealing to the audience – two factors that are crucial for securing coverage.                     

Leveraging exposure

This is an aspect of PR that is sometimes underestimated and often skipped entirely.  Little Cricket PR helps clients capitalise on their own contacts to increase message reach.  This might include re-purposing content into blogs, LinkedIn posts, direct outreach and social media posts.    

Monitoring and reporting

Little Cricket monitors brand coverage throughout the campaign and provides reports that reflect the campaign’s success – anything from message reach and demographics to Google ranking or social following might be included depending on the campaign objectives.