What is PR Anyway?

Public relations is any activity that keeps your brand top of mind in your target market, in a positive way.


Unlike advertising or company communications, PR relies on someone else talking about your brand.

PR isn't only about getting stories into the press.  It’s about getting people talking.

PR is changing

Everyone now has the power to publish content and reach vast audiences through social media. Little Cricket embraces the effect that this has had on PR.  Whether your target market’s influencers are on instagram, at an event or on the pages of a blog, we’ll make sure that your potential customers are hearing (and saying) good things about your brand.

Their enthusiasm is second-to-none, from a few simple quotes and comments they produce really high quality content that is both accurate and - importantly - engaging for our client base. They offer a very professional service, always to budget, and always make the time to go above and beyond.
— Anna Valley