Content quality is paramount 

Good content prompts people to share your message and talk about your brand.  At Little Cricket we create content that supports your message, is designed to appeal to your target market and meets the strictest quality standards.  Whether that content is an article in a leading publication, a video shared on social media or a blog on your website, Little Cricket has the skill and experience to help you cut through the noise.   

Our content specialities

Video production

Although it’s become very easy for anyone to record a video on their smartphone and post it online, creating a professional product is not as easy.  With years of experience in broadcast video production, you can trust Little Cricket to plan, produce and deliver a video that you can be proud of, at a cost you can afford.       

Written content

From case studies to articles, interviews, blogs and thought leadership pieces, we ensure that your written content is useful and interesting to your target audience and reflects your brand positively. 

Social media campaigns

With its capacity to go viral, the creation of social content has the potential to be the most valuable of your PR campaign activities.  Little Cricket can help conceptualise, create and distribute social media content to generate maximum impact. 


Editors receive hundreds of press releases every day.  To write an effective press release you need to walk a fine line between catching and keeping an editors’ attention, selling your news and providing all the information they need.  At Little Cricket we craft press releases that catch editors’ attention and make it easy for them to write stories about your brand.