How to get the right people to attend your business event

Events provide fantastic public relations opportunities that extend beyond your guest list.  Getting press coverage can help the smallest gathering make a massive impact, and if influential attendees with a big following talk about it, your event’s reach could be exponentially higher than the number of invitations sent out.  

But before they can talk about your event, you need to get these influencers to attend it. 

A vital part of event PR is creating a buzz before your event to encourage key personalities to make an appearance.

Going to an event is a big commitment – besides the time spent at the actual event, there’s often some travel and preparation involved.  Potential guests need to be convinced that your event is going to be worth this time investment.  In fact, you want to create the impression that your event is not only worth their time, but that they can’t afford to miss it.  To do this your pre-event campaign should focus on the benefits of attending.            

Some events offer tangible rewards and giveaways to attendees, but there are many other benefits your business event can offer guests - including the opportunity to;   

·      advance their career – through networking, training or information,

·      get exclusive access to a product or personality,

·      give input into something that is important to them,  

·      get something for nothing - food, entertainment, giveaways or prizes -  or

·      simply have fun.

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, and what you’re hoping to achieve, your event publicity can either focus on one of these benefits or combine them to varying degrees.  It’s all about getting the balance right to attract your ideal guest. 

Here's some examples of how you might focus on the different benefits of some typical business events :  

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Launch / Celebration Event

Focus Groups & Round Table discussions

Training & Professional Development Events


Reaching your ideal guest

Once you've figured out what benefits you’re going to promote in your pre-event campaign, you need to decide what methods you’re going to use to get this message to your ideal guest.  The most effective way to promote your event will depend on who you’re targeting but you might use;   

·       personal invitations – hard copy or digital versions

·       press releases sent to publications that reach your ideal audience

·       e-mail campaigns – through owned or third-party distribution lists

·       listings in event diaries & on social media (eg : Facebook events)

·       posters & flyers in targeted areas   

Getting the right people to attend your business event simply requires you to focus on your ideal type of guest - identify who they are, establish what your event offers them and reach out with content that makes them realise that they can’t afford to miss it.

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