Why your business can’t afford to ignore B2B social marketing

I get it, you’re busy.  You’ve got loads of obligations and a to-do list longer than your arm, so coming up with regular B2B social marketing posts for your company page is not a priority.  Frankly, you’re not even sure why social media is important for business.

If this sums up your attitude, you’re not alone.  The broadcast industry is full of businesses that have either opted out of social media or abandoned their company profiles completely because they don’t recognise the value of social marketing.  Here are five simple reasons why you can’t afford to ignore your company’s social accounts any longer.

1. Your B2B social marketing content creates a good first impression

When potential customers are assessing your company, they start online.  Your website tells them what you offer and the work you’ve done and your social posts give them a glimpse into your company culture and daily activities.  Scrolling through a social feed that includes pictures of your team celebrating a recent achievement, news about a new commission and a link to a piece of useful content shows that you’re a fun team, working on interesting projects with a lot of knowledge to share.     

2. Social engagement helps you reach new audiences

Your posts aren’t only seen by your followers.  If you’re just starting out on social media (like Little Cricket!) and don’t have a big audience, you can still reach an unlimited number of people.  Whenever your followers engage with one of your posts, their activity gets shared with their audience – increasing the number of people exposed to your brand.  Using hashtags, mentioning other people or companies in your posts, and adding your content into  groups also helps expand your reach. 

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3. Your networks can drive traffic to your website

Your most important sales tool is your website.  It’s got all the information prospective clients need to know about what you offer and why you’re the best in the business.  Using social media to share links to useful content and news releases hosted on your website increases traffic to your site – exposing these visitors to your other content and giving you the opportunity to convert them into customers.  

4. An active social feed keeps you “top of mind”

The more you hear a name or see a brand, the more likely you are to remember it.  Posting regularly on social media helps you establish brand awareness.  If your posts are fun, include stories of success and useful content, you can take this beyond brand awareness, start to build a relationship with your audience and increase your chances of converting them into customers.

5. Social marketing is as cheap as chips

Time is the only thing you have to spend on B2B social marketing.  And, if you spread the    responsibility across your team and have a strategy in place, it shouldn’t event cost too  much of that.  Paid promotions will help you increase your reach – but they’re optional, and more cost effective than just about any other advertising available. 

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Keeping your social media feeds filled with relevant, useful, interesting content can sometimes feel like a big obligation – but it’s a fantastic opportunity to reach and engage with your market.  Don’t waste it.


This post was originally published in British Film & Television magazine in August 2017